Rosemary’s Advanced Business Planning Model (RABPM)

Do you already have a business and would like to increase your revenues with existing clients and discover new ones?

Through this self-guided 12-month program you will be a master of Rosemary’s Advanced Business Planning Model (RABPM), a model that I personally created through my experiences, training and skills acquisition. I will share my secrets for success which will allow you to learn the necessary tools and strategies that will help you grow your business. I’m also offering an exclusive bonus: an extra month absolutely free! Take your business to new heights without any extra cost. 

Twice a month you will have the opportunity to be personally coached by me where I will be able to analyze every aspect of your business. I will uncover and resolve every business issue you may be experiencing, provide solutions for them, and set you on the path for upward business growth.

Also included, is a realistic diagnostic as to where your business is at and not where you think it is. I will assist you in creating a new business navigational map which shows you precisely the direction you need to go and guide you through unforeseen situations.

Monthly Guided Sessions are as follows;

Month 1 – Overview of Rosemary’s Advanced Business Planning Model (RABPM)

Month 2 – Evaluating Your Business Idea

Month 3 – Examining Your Business Approach

Month 4 – Analyzing the Day-to-Day Operations of the Business

Month 5 – Looking at Who Your Present Customers are

Month 6 – Determining Your Ideal Customer

Month 7 – Reviewing Your Market Approach

Month 8 – Your Financial Health

Month 9 – Reinvesting in the Business

Month 10 – Relaunch Plan

Month 11 – Marketing Plan

Month 12 – Growth 

(BONUS) Month 13 – Exit 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today. I am so excited to start my journey with you and share all my ins and outs for company growth, success and personal fulfillment. Let my experience and knowledge work in your favour in achieving better financial results for your business. 


Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on individual circumstances and factors beyond our control.